SopPlus Streamer & Cache for Linux 0.3.8

  • sopdev

    SopPlus Streamer & Cache for Linux is released.

    Installation guide:

    1. install and run docker
    $ sudo yum install docker-ce
    $ sudo systemctl start docker
    1. install and run SopPlus docker image
    $ docker run -d --net=host -v /var/log:/var/log sopplus/sopplus.linux

    Then you can check /var/log/sopplus.log to see run result, if success, visit http://your.server.ip.address:3000 to manage sopplus linux server.


    sopplus linux

    more information

  • @master wish avalible to download/install from direct link

  • sopdev

    @hack If you want get docker image of sopplus-linux, just do it:

    #pull image from docker hub
    docker pull sopplus/sopplus.linux:v0.3.8
    #save image to disk
    docker save sopplus/sopplus.linux:v0.3.8 | gzip > /tmp/sopplus.linux.v0.3.8.tgz
    #load image on other docker
    gunzip -c /tmp/sopplus.linux.v0.3.8.tgz | docker load

    If you want latest image, just change v0.3.8 to latest. Enjoy it!

  • @master i hate docker, so wish to avalible to download by direct link as else your software http://dl.......

  • sopdev

    @hack in order to avoid hard work on lib dependence we release the linux version with docker, if you want to hack this, you can download the linux version and install it following guide as below.

    mkdir /opt
    cd /opt/
    tar zxvf sopplus.linux.v0.3.8.tgz
    cd sopplus.linux.v0.3.8/
    #check tvbus binary program can be run
    #tvbus and tvbus-staion are compiled under 32 bits environment, so if you run them on 64 bits environment, need to install dependent libs.
    # run SopPlus
    ./SopPlus &

    Good luck!

  • @master hi,I have got a DreamBox DM900 UltraHD, It's runing the Debian-based linux, Using armhf architecture。
    Can you compile the binary files with armhf for me? Thanks.

    #uname -r

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